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About DevOps bootcamps

Come and join our free of charge DevOps Bootcamp and start working at develeap right after the training.

We offer a unique 13-weeks Bootcamp. Through the intensive training process that includes an in-depth curriculum, graduates who are found suitable will be able to join our team and work at develeap as DevOps experts.

Practical experience in scripting/programming Ability to learn and apply vast amounts of knowledge in a short span of time Ready for an intensive learning period.
Ability to write effective scripts, handle text processing and manage errors.
VCS & Git
Ability to setup, manage and use git. Understanding of basic branching strategies.
Ability to dockerize applications in an effective manner.
Ability to write python scripts, implement REST services and function in a development team.
Networks, Application topologies, Docker Compose
Ability to implement popular runtime topologies using docker.
AWS Basics
Ability to configure secure networks and use central AWS services.
Jenkins, CI Pipelines
Ability to install, configure and use Jenkins to implement CI pipelines, Multi branch pipelines and advanced CI/CD patterns using groovy and cloud.
Infrastructure as Code
Using Terraform to provision cloud resources and manage environments.
Kubernetes and Helm
Ability to setup and configure K8S clusters. Ability to deploy both stateless and stateful application topologies over K8S cluster
Ability to implement the GitOps pattern as part of an overall CI/CD process involving Jenkins and FluxCD.
Logging and Monitoring
Ability to setup and configure monitoring and alerting using ELK, Prometheus and Grafana.
Obtaining an official certificate (either CKA or AWS CSAA).

There are three steps to pass in order to get into the course:

  1. An online technical test- in the test you will need to write short scripts in any programming language and to manage as much as possible in a short period of time.
  2. Home task- where you will need to write two BASH scripts
  3. Interview- you will need to present HTTP protocol on a whiteboard, and have a personal interview.

13 weeks. Sunday-Thursday 09:00-18:00

Most of the Bootcamp will be held on Zoom. There will be between one and two offline meetings in the center area (close to a train station).
Mobility issues to the offline meeting will be dealt with on a case by case basis

  • Most of the course graduates will start working through the company. 
  • As of today, more than 90% of the company’s employees are graduates of the different courses. 
  • The first 6 weeks of the course are intended for mutual inspection and trial for both sides.
  • In this period, there is no financial commitment and it is possible to drop out of the Bootcamp without a fine. 
  • After that period, the participant will take part in the course until its end, and the company will consider if they are eligible to be a consultant in develeap, or alternatively, the company will help find a suitable job for them to the best of the company’s ability.
  • The course is free– those who work for at least two years for the company don’t need to pay.
  • It is important to note that the Bootcamp is meant for internal training and is not seen as an income source. 
  • After the first 6 weeks of the course, if the participant decides to drop out of the course, they will have to pay a fine of the training’s cost only if they are working in the field with a pay grade of 14000 NIS or more. 
  • The training’s cost is 39600 NIS.
  • We want to hire as many as we can.
  • The graduation rate is 50%.
  • We hire 80% of the graduates.
  • develeap is a company that…you can read more about in About Us.
  • develeap has a wide variety of customers.
  • It’s worth noting that you are develeap’s employees, develeap is not a placement company.
  • The initial salary is 12000 NIS, which is raised by 2000 NIS every 6 months. 
  • develeap always has a pay raise plan for the next two years. After two years there are promotion possibilities.
  • If you can code in any language, you can take the test.
  • There is a priority for Python and BASH knowledge. 
  • If you are not experienced in coding, it would be best practice to study beforehand.

We don’t discriminate over the academic background, gender, geographic location, religion, etc. We are a very diverse company. Within our graduates are members of all genders, ages, and ethnicities. We’d be happy for you to come as you are.

We start the course with about 20 participants.

  • We have three podcasts episodes where you can listen to the Bootcamp graduates.
  • The Bootcamp starts every day with joint studying and then with a task.

From our experience, it’s not possible to incorporate the course into your job or studies.

No, the course is free and there is no payment during the training.

  • you can chat with our bot. Just click on the chat icon to do so. 
  • You can also send a Whatsapp message to +972-542655424

What our Bootcamp Graduated says

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