Hiring Process
  • Step 1
    After you apply, a recruiter may reach out to you for an introductory call.
  • Step 2
    If your background is a match for the role, you may have phone interview with 1-2 people.
  • Step 3
    If your continue through the process, you will come onsite 1-2 times to interview with total of 4-5 people.

DevOps Architect


We're looking for a Hands-on Cloud-Native DevOps architect to take on a key role at our company and work with the best DevOps minds in Israel.

You get:

  • Life on the cutting edge of dev-ops technology
  • An opportunity to architect some of the most challenging and complex systems


  • Building complex architectures
  • Research and implement cutting edge technologies
  • Mentor DevOps personnel in multiple projects
  • Etc.


  • Proven experience with/of:
    • Large cloud-based systems in production
    • Kubernetes and the Kubernetes eco-system
    • Several years of application development
    • Mentoring/leading developers
    • Complex build and dependency management systems
    • Implementing CD to production
  • Excellent Human Relations

The following are considered an advantage:

  • GitOps knowledge
  • DPDK experience
  • Experience with C/C++ and native technologies

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