Hiring Process
  • Step 1
    After you apply, a recruiter may reach out to you for an introductory call.
  • Step 2
    If your background is a match for the role, you may have phone interview with 1-2 people.
  • Step 3
    If your continue through the process, you will come onsite 1-2 times to interview with total of 4-5 people.

DevOps Bootcamp Ghana


We're launching our next DevOps Bootcamp. The start of the course is on 5.6.2022.

Bootcamp's goal is to prepare you for future work as a DevOps engineer at develeap or another company. The course will be held online (in Hebrew) with occasional face to face meetings.

If you have any questions, you can chat with our bot. Just click on the chat icon to do this.

Bootcamp course comprises:

  • Selected learning materials
  • Performing practical tasks
  • Online lectures, consultancy, and feedback from experienced DevOps practitioners

What do you need to be admitted:

  • Programming/Scripting experience
  • Readiness to study 5 days a week, 9 hours a day for 13 weeks
  • Desire to start your career as a DevOps engineer at develeap after successful completion of the course

Admission process (the order of the stages can change):

  • Online examination testing your ability to write code and learn to write code
  • Online Q&A session
  • Interview
  • Professional presentation


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