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Take your IT skills to the next level with our flexible Cloud Engineer course


The cloud is transforming IT careers. Develeap’s Cloud Engineer course empowers you to jumpstart your career and achieve higher earning potential and leadership roles in cloud initiatives.


We can take you there. 


Evening classes
8 x 3hrs (total 24 hours)

Are you ready to:

  • Get Certified as an AWS Cloud Professional: Earn the prestigious AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA) certification plus a valuable Develeap certificate.
  • Turbocharge Your Career: Leverage your IT expertise and gain the cloud knowledge employers are seeking.
  • Future-Proof Your Skills: Excel in-demand cloud technologies needed to lead cloud initiatives within your organization and ensure your skills remain relevant for years to come.

This course is perfect for:

  • 1 IT professionals looking to transition into cloud engineering roles.
  • 2 Network administrators
  • 3 System administrators
  • 4 Security professionals seeking to expand their skill sets.

The Develeap Advantage:

  • Practical, Hands-on Learning: Learn by doing with real-world labs and exercises.
  • Expert instructors: Gain insights from Israel’s leading DevOps experts, a proud AWS Advanced Training Partner (ATP), and an AAI instructor, working with industry leaders on their software solutions.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Gain the skills and knowledge employers are looking for.
  • Dual Certification: Get the industry-recognized AWS SAA and a Develeap certifications.
  • Career Boost: Stand out from the crowd with in-demand Kubernetes skills.


Invest in your future!



13-week Hybrid DevOps Bootcamp
13-week Hybrid DevOps Bootcamp
Hybrid Format
Hybrid Format

Enjoy the flexibility of learning both in-person and online, allowing you to balance your schedule effectively.

Expert Instructors
Expert Instructors

Gain knowledge and insights from DevOps professionals who bring real-world experience from working with top companies.

No prior experience is required.
No prior experience is required.
Learn from the experts and become
a DevOps engineer expert!

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The DevOps market is growing and DevOps skills are in high demand, opening doors to lucrative careers with excellent growth potential.

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