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  • An inspired innovator
  • A problem solver
  • An opportunity maker
Whatever you want to call it, are you ready to become it?
We train the best and most talented next-generation of DevOps experts
  • 1 If you know how to write code (Python enthusiasts are encouraged!)
  • 2 If you can commit to 16 weeks of your time
  • 3 If You feel that DevOps is your place
Join our free DevOps Bootcamp and start working at Develeap right after training

In just a 16-week
Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

up-to-date methodologies, tools, and platforms gained in our vast experience in teaching and solving DevOps challenges for our customers.
*There are a few entrance exams for our candidates. Don’t worry. We know you’ve got this!
**The Bootcamp is free. All you have to do is bring your curiosity and passion for coding.

We can take you there!

More than 350 trained students
More than 50 lessons planned to teach most industry-trending technologies
More than 14,000 teaching and mentoring hours
More than 70 Practice Labs

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Bootcamp FAQ

To enroll in the course, four steps must be completed:

  1. An online technical test: The test will require you to write short scripts in any programming language and manage as much as possible within a short time frame.
  2. Home assignment: where you’ll be asked to write two BASH scripts.
  3. A personal interview: The interview will have two parts. In the first part, you’ll give a presentation about the HTTP protocol. In the second part, you’ll be tested on ChatGPT.
  4. For the final stage of the process we will provide you with materials about Linux and Bash for a period of a few days.
    At a scheduled time we will conduct an online exam day for you, during that day you will be required to complete multiple tasks about Linux and Bash.


16 weeks. Sunday-Thursday 09:00-18:00

Most of the Bootcamp will be held via Zoom. There will be approximately one in-person meeting per week that will take place in Tel Aviv (near a train station).

  1. Most of the course graduates will start working through develeap.
  2. As of today, more than 90% of the company’s employees are graduates of our bootcamps.
  3. During the first six weeks of the course, both parties can assess and evaluate each other. This period is free of any financial obligations, and participants may withdraw from the Bootcamp without penalties.
  4. Following the initial assessment period, participants will continue the course until completion. At this point, the company will assess whether the individuals can work as consultants at Develeap. Alternatively, the company will assist in finding a suitable job to the best of their ability.
  1. The course is free: Those who work for at least two years for the company are exempt from paying.
  2. Bootcamps are meant for internal training and are not intended to generate revenue.
  3. If a participant decides to withdraw from the course after the initial six weeks, they will be required to pay the training fee only if they are working in the field with a salary of 14,000 NIS or higher.
  4. The training’s cost is 39,600 NIS.
  1. At develeap, we want to hire as many as we can.
  2. The graduation rate is 50%.
  3. We hire 80% of the graduates.
  1. Develeap is a people-first employee-owned company. You can read more About Us.
  2. develeap has a wide variety of customers.
  3. It’s worth noting that you are develeap’s employees, develeap is not a placement company.
  1. If you can code in any language, you can take the test.
  2. There is a priority for Python and BASH knowledge.
  3. If you are not experienced in coding, it would be best practice to study beforehand.

We don’t discriminate over academic background, gender, geographic location, religion, etc. We are a very diverse company. Our graduates are members of all genders, ages, and ethnicities. We’d be happy for you to come as you are.

We start the course with about 20 participants.

  1. We have three podcast episodes where you can listen to the Bootcamp graduates.
  2. The Bootcamp starts every day with a joint studying session, followed by a task.

From our experience, it’s not possible to incorporate the course into your job or studies.

No, the course is free, and there is no payment during the training.

  1. Ask our bot: Click the chat icon to receive your answers.
  2. You can also send a Whatsapp message to +972-542655424

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DevOps engineers aren’t born. They are made
And we can help you get there
DevOps engineers aren’t born. They are made
And we can help you get there

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    DevOps engineers aren’t born. They are made