Kubernetes for Developers

16 Hours

Develop & Deploy Cloud-Native Like a Pro

Learn the in-demand skills needed to confidently navigate the world of Kubernetes with Develeap Education’s comprehensive Kubernetes for Developers course.

Why choose Develeap Education?

  • Learn at your own pace: Choose our intensive 2-day course or flexible 8-meeting evening program.
  • Solid foundation: Gain a deep understanding of core Kubernetes concepts like deployments, services, and configuration management.
  • Hands-on learning: Apply your knowledge through real-world labs and exercises.
  • Expert instructors: Gain insights from experienced DevOps professionals who leverage Kubernetes daily while consulting for leading companies.
  • Career Boost: Stand out from the crowd with in-demand Kubernetes skills.


We accept candidates who are familiar with:

  • Containerized technologies such as Docker or containerd 
  • Familiarity with shell environments such as Bash or PowerShell
  • General networking background is an advantage

What you'll learn

Build cloud-ready applications

  • Design and implement resilient cloud-native applications.

Deploy and manage microservices

  • Learn how to deploy containerized applications and manage their lifecycle.

Debug cloud-native applications from within your IDE

  • Learn how to debug both locally and on the K8S cluster.

Kubernetes fundamentals – from core concepts to advanced features

  • Breaking down K8S, starting with the basics.

Excel the CLI

  • Execute Kubernetes commands with confidence.
This course includes:
Step-by-step guides
Step-by-step guides
Certification of completion
Certification of completion


Self-paced learning
Self-paced learning

Allow your team to learn at their own convenience.

Hybrid mentorship
Hybrid mentorship

Provide personalized guidance for deeper understanding.

Fully instructed
Fully instructed

Offer a structured learning experience with live instructors.

What you’ll learn:

Introduction to Kubernetes
Kubernetes Architecture Nodes, their different types, and purposes.
k8s variants
Kubernetes CLI
Basic Kubernetes Resources
Configuration in Kubernetes

Ready to take control of your career? Don’t wait! Start your journey to become a K8s pro today!

Develeap’s BIG numbers:

More Than
Trained students
More Than
Teaching and mentoring hours
More Than
Certified engineers with global certifications such as AWS SAA, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes CKA, Terraform, GitOps 
More Than
Lessons plan to teach most industry-trending technologies

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