Be Agile like Audemars Piguet

Be Agile like Audemars Piguet

January 14, 2024
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The renowned Audemars Piguet is one of my favorite watch brands.

They use aspects of the Agile method by breaking down a large task into sub-tasks with RD1, a watch with one complication, and RD2 with another complication to ultimately create THE BEST WATCHES ever conceived, with numerous complications in a single incredible timepiece.

In the context of watches, “complications” refer to additional features or functions beyond basic timekeeping. These features enhance the watch’s utility and can include things like date displays, moon phases, chronographs (stopwatch functions), and more. Each added feature is considered a complication because it adds complexity to the watch’s movement and design. High-end watches often showcase various complications, showcasing craftsmanship and technical innovation in the watchmaking industry.

I want to use this blog to assist people in understanding Agile methodology as a cross-cutting mindset. Agility represents a mindset that everyone should adopt, whether for studies, personal life, or work, whether in creating horological masterpieces or the high-tech domain. It’s more than just a technical approach, It’s a revolutionary methodology.

True story: The agile turnaround in my personal life

Before I embraced the agile methodology in my personal life, I was more inclined to procrastinate, whether it was paying a bill, learning new DevOps technical skills, or even replacing my car’s worn-out wipers, as it didn’t seem that urgent.

Since I’ve applied agile methodologies in my role as a DevOps consultant working for Redis and a technical lead at Revelator, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of these strategies in the hi-tech world. This realization prompted me to experiment with Agility in my personal life. If you were concerned about my Replacing Worn-out Wipers, rest assured it’s taken care of, and the bill is paid 😉.

Now, let this robust introduction guide us through the principles of Agility and demonstrate how this mindset can transform all facets of daily life:

1. Craft goals that resonate 

Our first stop is to create goals that resonate, much like Audemars Piguet’s RD1 or RD2, where each added complication contributes to creating something truly extraordinary. Learn to transform your ambitions into measurable milestones, creating a roadmap not only for your project but also for your personal achievements. Become the master of your own horology of life.

This intentional shift in mindset transforms the seemingly unattainable dream into a tangible and achievable objective. Whether it is deciding to buy an apartment, replace your car, or save money to fly to your dream destination, define your habits, mark and overcome obstacles, and navigate the complexities of your journey. The achievement not only represents acquiring a new home, car, or voyage but underscores the profound impact of crafting goals that resonate deeply, turning aspirations into reality.

2. Communication 2.0  

Embracing new communication channels became crucial, especially since my friends are scattered across the world, making it challenging to keep in touch. Applying Agility principles, I integrated tools like Discord and WhatsApp. This digital shift, guided by principles similar to those of a Scrum Master, facilitated transparent communication, transcending geographical boundaries. 

In our virtual workspace on Discord, we not only collaborate during work hours but also use it for casual chats, fostering a sense of togetherness. Communication 2.0, in this context, extends beyond just using tools; it emphasizes the importance of authenticity—expressing thoughts truthfully and avoiding pretense. Mastering fluid communication, whether in programming or orchestrating a complex life, has become vital in maintaining genuine connections and collaboration across distances.

3. Continuous Integration: Your DevOps playlist 

Imagine an orchestra creating a perfect symphony with each musician entering and exiting seamlessly. That’s the essence of continuous integration!

Inspired by this concept, I’ve streamlined not only my DevOps experience but also my personal tasks. Instead of automating my coffee maker, I’ve applied automation to handle tasks that truly matter, like setting up automated tax and billing payments. This approach ensures flawless financial orchestration, allowing me more time for what truly matters in both my professional and personal spheres. Becoming the master of orchestrating my life through continuous integration extends beyond code deployment—it’s about harmonizing every aspect to create a symphony of efficiency and balance.

4. Prioritization remix 

Elevating my prioritization game with an Agile iterative approach has been transformative. Before adopting this mindset, I often found myself overwhelmed by an ever-growing to-do list. Two years ago, I decided to change this narrative. Drawing inspiration from Agile methodologies, I appointed myself as the Scrum Master of my daily life. Just as a Scrum Master collaborates with stakeholders to decide feature priorities, I collaborate with myself, setting up a digital jury to assess which tasks take the top spot on my daily chart. This iterative approach has not only boosted my productivity but has also created a tangible shift in my work-life balance. 

5. VIP retrospectives with the Scrum Master 

Retrospectives aren’t just boring meetings. It’s your VIP moment to evaluate, celebrate successes, and fine-tune your performance for the next hit. With the Scrum Master as the conductor, every retrospective becomes a must-see show, helping you reflect and grow not just in your professional journey but in your personal development too.

For example, I’ve incorporated this reflective approach into my financial habits. Monthly retrospectives on expenses serve as VIP moments for fiscal self-reflection. Acting as my own Scrum Master in personal finance, this practice goes beyond merely adding money to the bank account. It becomes a strategic tool to fix milestones, whether it’s for indulging in a passion like collecting watches or fulfilling necessary commitments. By carefully reviewing and categorizing expenses, I’ve become the master of orchestrating my financial priorities. This approach not only ensures responsible spending but also aligns my financial journey with my broader life goals, transforming each retrospective into a roadmap for both fiscal discipline and the pursuit of personal passions.


In conclusion, this exploration of Agility, let’s not forget that it’s much more than a methodology. It’s a mindset that can transform your approach to studies, personal life, or even the creation of exceptional horological works. Whether you’re a software developer, a student, or a watch enthusiast, become the master of your own Agility. It’s your ticket to being the star of your life, orchestrating each aspect with precision and flair.

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