Revolutionizing Online Learning: Develeap’s Strategy for Boosting Motivation and Completion Rates

Revolutionizing Online Learning: Develeap’s Strategy for Boosting Motivation and Completion Rates

June 17, 2024
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Facing the Challenge Head-On

One of our clients, a large tech company, sought our help in training 100 developers who were spread across three different time zones. The client wanted these developers to take on more end-to-end responsibilities, from writing code to creating Helm charts, debugging, and monitoring in Kubernetes environments. 

We devised a training program that included videos and tasks for independent learning, supported by weekly structured sessions. We created a Slack group for real-time support, connecting participants, three instructors, and several Develeap employees. This setup maintained the classroom-like motivation, subtle competitiveness, and supportive community essential for successful learning.

Understanding motivation in the digital era

The key challenge in online learning is maintaining the learners’ motivation. 

Motivation in online learning is multi-dimensional, influenced by factors like time, community, purpose, investment (both personal and financial), attention spans, credibility, empathy, and the practical application of knowledge. These elements are vital for fostering an engaging and effective learning environment, yet many online courses still fail to address them comprehensively.

Despite the global attraction to digital learning—with over 63% of U.S. high school students and a significant share of international learners turning to online platforms—the stark reality of completion rates tells a different story. Online courses see a mere 12% to 15% completion rate, dropping to an alarming 3% to 6% for MOOCs​ . This discrepancy highlights the urgent need to address motivation in online education.

Develeap’s Innovative Approach: The Flipped Classroom Model

Develeap Education confronts this challenge with a pioneering solution—the Flipped Classroom model. This approach transforms the traditional education paradigm, encouraging active participation by having learners study course material independently and then come together in structured sessions to discuss, dissect, and deepen their understanding. This model nurtures a sense of community akin to a physical classroom, bolstered by our integrated Learning Management System (LMS), ensuring every learner feels connected and engaged.

Develeap’s strategy includes modest financial commitments, manageable, practice-oriented learning tasks, and instruction from industry veterans with proven track records. This combination of community, technology, practical learning, and expert guidance addresses the core criteria of motivation, setting our learners up for success.

Join Us: Tailor Your Motivational Training Path

Develeap invites you to experience a new era of online learning. Our Flipped Classroom model, coupled with a deep understanding of what drives learner engagement, redefines the journey to knowledge acquisition. It’s not just about managing learning; it’s about managing motivation, ensuring that every learner is equipped with information and inspired to reach the finish line.

Let’s tailor your journey and understand how to manage your motivation training path with Develeap Education. Embrace the change, redefine your potential, and transform it into achievement.

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