develeap is a proud AWS Lambda expert

develeap’s experts will help
migrate your workloads to the
cloud and to AWS Lambda

When it comes to cloud migration, you have to work with cloud experts.
When it comes to AWS Lambda, you have to work with develeap.

Using the full spectrum of AWS capabilities, including AWS Lambda.

Define where and when to move to serverless architecture.

We guide our customers on how to deploy serverless solutions, utilizing best practices around security, scalability, reliability, performance, and cost optimization.

Our cloud experts are trained to help both enterprise customers and fast-growing startups to increase their benefits of AWS.

Did you know?

AWS Lambda, the most popular serverless computing platform, was launched in 2014 by Amazon Web Services. develeap has been working with serverless solutions and specifically with Lambda since then.

Serverless architectures can be highly scalable, as they can automatically scale up or down based on demand. Many happy develeap customers have migrated to and adopted serverless solutions.

The term “serverless” doesn’t mean that there are no servers involved in running the application. Instead, it means that the cloud provider manages the server infrastructure, and the developer doesn’t have to worry about provisioning, scaling, or managing servers. develeap is here to guide you through designing, planning, and supporting serverless solutions.

Lambda functions can be written in several programming languages, including Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and C#. develeap’s experts are trained and knowledgeable in each one 🙂

Serverless architectures can be more cost-effective than traditional server-based architectures, as they allow developers to pay only for the resources they use. One of develeap’s key values is cost-optimization for our customers.

Serverless architectures are not just for web applications. They can also be used for processing data, running background jobs, and building APIs. This is why develeap is recommending serverless solutions to customers who can increase their benefits using AWS.

Serverless architectures can be more secure than traditional architectures, as the cloud provider is responsible for securing the underlying infrastructure. develeap is a proud AWS APN partner.

Serverless architectures can be more agile and allow developers to focus on writing code rather than managing infrastructure. Did we mention that one of develeap’s key values is cost optimization?

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