Kubernetes for Beginners:
3-Day Course Syllabus

Join our immersive course and unravel the complexities of Kubernetes. Designed for beginners, this 3-day course will offer you an in-depth understanding of the architecture and applications of Kubernetes. The course syllabus is structured to gradually introduce you to the world of Kubernetes, allowing you to harness its full potential.

Day 1: Introduction to Kubernetes and Its Architecture
  • 1

    Fundamentals of Kubernetes: Learn the basics of Kubernetes and container orchestration.

  • 2

    High-Level Architecture: Familiarize yourself with the high-level architecture of Kubernetes to understand its core components and their interactions.

Day 2: Hands-on Kubernetes
  • 1

    Basic Kubernetes Resources: Master the concept of Pods, Deployments, and Services and their roles in Kubernetes.

  • 2

    Managed Kubernetes Cluster Deployment: Explore the world of managed Kubernetes providers such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Learn to set up and manage a Kubernetes cluster using a popular cloud provider and deploy simple applications using “kubectl”.’

Day 3: Advanced Kubernetes
  • 1

    Scaling Applications: Discover how Kubernetes can be used to scale applications. Learn to manually scale your applications using Deployments.

  • 2

    Basic Kubernetes Networking: Delve into the fundamentals of Kubernetes cluster networking. Understand the basics of Services and how to expose your applications.

  • 3

    Kubernetes Configuration Management: Learn to manage application configurations using ConfigMaps and Secrets. Understand the practical application of ConfigMaps and Secrets in your applications.

Our Kubernetes for Beginners course is thoughtfully designed to offer you a comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes. By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with the basics of Kubernetes, making you ready to dive into more advanced topics.