Develeap Poland

Over 2500 engineers 
for any software development need.

Find the expert that you have been looking for, 
build an entire outsourced development team,
or execute a project with our attentive, problem-solving approach.

Proud to have a part in the success story of:

Our Partners

Based in Ukraine and in Hungary, with 28 years of experience and more than 2500+ in-house developers (not freelancers), NIX is one of Eastern Europe’s largest R&D Centres and our global trusted partner.

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Resource base

provide us with redundancy for rapid expert allocation, hold of rare experts in niche technologies & geographical and procedural flexibility

1. Quick Call ->

  • Share your need, based on a job description.

  • Share a scope of work to be done.

  • Ask any question that comes in mind.

2. We process ->

  • We break down the project and create a roadmap and assign our experts for the mission.

  • We allocate and present initial team structure or candidate profile for your approval.

3. Kick off!

  • Our engineer starts working as part of your team, we verify.

  • Our team of engineers work on your project, end to end.

We’re pretty proud with our ability to be:


Both in solution
and T2M


We’ll update you ASAP
in the process


We can expand the solution
anytime, rapidly


For expertise and

Our staffing models

Staffing a specific position
(Dedicated Model)

Based on job description, we will allocate a candidate who will go through your hiring process. 

Once accepted, s/he will work under your management while we will verify your satisfaction.

Project execution

(Project Based Model)

Based on mutual specification and analysis of the project, we will create a roadmap of tasks and features and assign the experts for the mission.

We will be fully responsible for deliverables.

Team building 


Based on your needs, we will assign a team lead who will be your focal point and rapidly build a winning team to execute any task.

We will be fully responsible for deliverables.

What our clients think of us

Develeap people are motivated, energetic, self-learning DevOps Engineers. At all times I have found them to be hard-working, serious, and professional. In addition to the strong people who work with us, they have the backs of strong technical people who can turn to them with any question. Develeap is definitely one of the strongest Devops people I have worked with.
Beny Haddad
VP R&D at Ericom Shield
Develeap team guided us through a complete revolution of our CI/CD and runtime environments. Together we completed successfully the docker/Kubernetes project and we're continuing adopting additional cutting-edge DevOps technologies.
Eyal Mishor
VP R&D at vcita
Being the main decision-maker on R&D, and DevOps I was looking for a good development partner to work with. Someone who knew a lot, was flexible enough to accommodate my non-vanilla use-case and also not bother me with drawing Gantt charts. Develeap proved superb, highly knowledgeable and SUPER cooperative. We've implemented a very strong CI/CD cycle over simple yet bulletproof architecture. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DEVELEAP. I WILL contact you again!
Orel Weinstock
VP R&D at SSCIsrael
Who are we ?

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