RO❤️: Return on Love. Episode 1

RO❤️: Return on Love. Episode 1

May 08, 2023
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Conversations with Dori Kafri, CEO of Develeap, about management, leadership, self-improvement, vision, and leading successful teams.

Love? We use “love” in a deeper sense of caring and connection. 

Love is forming a strong sense of purpose that inspires our people, creating a positive and productive work environment, and building deeper connections with our customers. This isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a key driver of performance and results.

Tune in to embrace the develeap difference of leading a people-first and employee-owned company, and inspire your leadership worldview.

Inspiration awaits here.

First episode

This is a conversation about leading a DevOps company in which the word DevOps appears only once.

Dori Kafri, CEO of develeap, joins us to share his vision and wisdom about leadership, management, and self-improvement, which have shaped his professional view and guide him in his everyday decisions.

Tune in to a conversation about leading successful teams, inspiring kinship, and maintaining the higher purpose of bringing value to the world while running a hi-tech company. Yes, not your typical management conversation.


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