Best Practices when Migrating to AWS- a MAP for Success

Best Practices when Migrating to AWS- a MAP for Success

April 01, 2024
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The forecasted 20% growth will make the cloud a 1.35 trillion USD/year industry by 2027. 

Cloud workload is no longer a question for most businesses. However, the  “when, where, and how” of that migration, along with the associated costs, are still critical decisions. Migration itself is the most sensitive stage, where factors like cost, performance, and reliability can make or break your success. Any miscalculation or misconfiguration can be amplified,  while the right choices can lead to significant benefits.

It’s best to be honest upfront: according to AWS’s data, published in Re:Invent 2023: 38% of migration projects finished behind schedule, and 75% finished over budget.Most of the blame can be located in what we call the “Migration bubble,” the timeframe from the beginning of migration all the way to the full abandonment of the old workload. 

What makes the migration bubble? Luckily, these are primarily one-time expenses, and most of them can be streamlined and provide cost reductions:

  • Duplicate environments
  • Planning and assessment
  • Application refactoring and architecture redesign
  • Staff training
  • Lease penalties 
  • Failed migration stages and re-work

The best approach is to take on an expert guide to this journey. In the last year, customers reported an overall 27% cost reduction after migration, a 58% increase in VMs per admin, a 39% reduction in time-to-resolution, and a 43% increase in code deployment frequency. 

Those numbers are impressive and make a strong case for migration, even if you do it in the least optimized way possible. However, let us compare it to MAP (The AWS Migration Acceleration Program) customers: 42% cost reductions, a 330% increase of VMs per admin, a 69% reduction in time-to-resolution, and a 1410% increase in code deployment frequency.  The MAP was made to help customers migrate to AWS cheaper, faster, and better.

What is the Migration Acceleration Program?

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is an initiative for facilitating cloud migrations. MAP is designed to expedite and streamline the cloud migration and modernization process through a results-oriented methodology.

When you collaborate with an AWS migration partner, you will benefit from the experience of a proven methodology, the tailor-made stool set for migrating your workload, official training, and certifications to reduce the migration bubble and AWS funding. 

MAP is a three-step program designed to make migrations as simple and quick as possible:

1: Assess: Conduct a migration readiness assessment to pinpoint deficiencies across the six dimensions outlined in the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework: business, process, people, platform, operations, and security. This evaluation aids in recognizing essential capabilities for the migration process and constructing a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model for the project.

2: Mobilize: Initiate the resource mobilization phase to establish the operational groundwork for your migration, aiming to rectify the capability gaps identified in the assessment stage. This phase accelerates decision-making by offering explicit guidance on migration plans, thereby enhancing the overall success of your migration.

3: Migrate & modernize: Leverage AWS Migration Services, the AWS Professional Services team, and AWS Migration Partners to implement the comprehensive migration plan devised in the resource mobilization phase. This collaborative effort ensures the seamless execution and modernization of your workloads on a large scale.

Migrate to AWS

In conclusion, the imperative to migrate to AWS is undeniable despite the projected 20% growth, propelling the cloud industry to a staggering 1.35 trillion USD/year by 2027. Yet, the critical questions of when, where, and how to migrate and the potential cost implications underscore the need for a strategic approach. 

MAP is your beacon of efficiency and success in cloud migration. It offers a clear roadmap—Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate & Modernize—that not only mitigates costs and accelerates timelines but also ensures your enterprise fully benefits from the cloud platform’s vast advantages.

MAP is the formula for a successful, optimized, and future-ready transition to AWS. The choice is clear: embrace MAP for the best and shortest possible migration.

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