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DevOps development

Customized DevOps courses designed to fit your team’s goals.

From advanced cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes deployment to automation, monitoring, and security best practices, our courses will unlock your team’s full DevOps potential.

Cutting-edge training programs

Develeap Education offers a series of advanced training programs crafted to address your organization’s unique challenges and goals.

From advanced cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes to best practices in automation, monitoring, and security, we equip your teams with the latest practical DevOps knowledge they need to succeed.

Certified instructors,
Hands-on experience

At Develeap Education, we believe that DevOps success starts with the right foundation. 

Working with industry-leading companies on their DevOps challenges, we understand the significance of transforming your team’s skills and excelling in the newest technologies.

Our instructors are certified and experienced DevOps professionals working with top-notch companies (our customers), and have a genuine passion for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Our courses

Cloud Computing

An introduction to using cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Cloud Native application with Containerization

An introduction to using container technologies Docker and Kubernetes.

Continuous Integration

This course would teach developers how to use tools like Jenkins or Github Action to automate testing and build processes, which can help teams deliver software faster and with higher quality.

Cloud Observabiliry

How to set up monitoring and logging systems to track the performance and health of your applications.

Infrastructure as Code

An introduction to using tools like Terraform or CloudFormation to manage infrastructure as code.

Looking for a course
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Trained students
More Than
Teaching and mentoring hours
More Than
Certified engineers with global certifications such as AWS SAA, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes CKA, Terraform, GitOps
More Than
Lessons plan to teach most industry-trending technologies

About Develeap

At Develeap, we’re your strategic partner for success.

Develap is Israel’s leading DevOps and professional services company. From crafting tailor-made training programs to consulting leading development teams, we specialize in teaching and practicing DevOps.

With our guidance, your team will embrace agility, adopt the perfect tools, and achieve its boldest business objectives, from fintech to cybersecurity to healthcare.

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With our personalized guidance, customized learning path, and hands-on experience working with top-tier companies, your team will reach its full DevOps potential.

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Head of Training
Saar Cohen