Choosing Knowledge: Develeap’s AWS-Certified Journey in 2023

Choosing Knowledge: Develeap’s AWS-Certified Journey in 2023

December 18, 2023
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In 2023, Develeap’s commitment to excellence in the AWS ecosystem extends beyond certifications and competencies. Develeap’s empowered team, equipped with a diverse range of AWS certifications, a prestigious DevOps Consulting Competency, and notable service delivery achievements, positioned our company as a leader in DevOps professional services.

Our journey to achieve the distinguished Premier Tier Partner began in January 2023. Since then, our team of excellent DevOps experts has gathered substantial certifications, service delivery badges, and competency. These achievements validate Develeap’s technical knowledge with industry-recognized credentials, recognizing our technical skills to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure on AWS, our deep understanding, and relevant customer experience that integrates with AWS services. 

We are proud to be associated with these AWS Competencies and have demonstrated the highest level of specialization, deep AWS technical expertise, and proven customer success. At Develeap, we continuously add more AWS Competencies to support your business goals. 

Service Delivery Achievements:

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond certifications and competencies to tangible service delivery achievements. From optimizing search capabilities with Amazon OpenSearch Service to ensuring robust security measures with AWS WAF, our team has excelled in delivering solutions that make a real impact.

The validation of service deliveries such as Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon EKS showcases our proficiency in leveraging key AWS services. These achievements highlight our technical prowess and underline our dedication to providing clients with functional, scalable, secure, and optimized solutions for performance.

Develeap’s service delivery achievements include proficiency in key AWS services:

  • Amazon OpenSearch Service Delivery: Optimizing search capabilities for enhanced efficiency and user experiences.
  • Amazon API Gateway Delivery: Seamless integration, fostering connectivity between diverse systems and services.
  • AWS WAF Delivery: Proactive implementation of robust web application firewall solutions, safeguarding applications against evolving cyber threats.
  • AWS Lambda Delivery: Efficient management and execution of code in response to events, embracing a more agile and cost-effective approach.
  • Amazon CloudFront Delivery: Optimization of content distribution globally, ensuring low-latency access to applications and digital assets.
  • Amazon EKS Delivery: Proficiency in seamlessly deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications.

AWS Certification Excellence:

From the foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to the advanced AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, our team has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of AWS services, architecture, security, and more.

These certifications are not just a badge of honor; they represent our commitment to providing top-tier solutions, whether designing scalable architectures, securing cloud environments, or efficiently deploying and managing applications. Each certification is a stepping stone, equipping our team with the knowledge and skills needed to overcome the challenges of today’s dynamic IT landscape.

Develeap’s AWS Certifications include:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:

Develeap’s certified Cloud Practitioners have a foundational understanding of the AWS Cloud, ensuring informed decision-making that contributes to the successful implementation of cloud solutions.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate:

Develeap’s Solutions Architects design scalable, cost-effective, and secure solutions, playing a key role in architecting solutions that meet complex business requirements and contribute to successful service delivery.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate:

Certified developers at Develeap contribute to developing robust and scalable cloud-native solutions, ensuring the efficient deployment of applications and enhancing overall service delivery.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate:

SysOps Administrators at Develeap, certified in administration, efficiently deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot applications, playing a crucial role in maintaining the health and performance of services.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional:

Develeap’s certified Solutions Architects, with advanced expertise, design and deploy highly available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications, contributing to the success of complex service delivery.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional:

DevOps Engineers at Develeap, with this advanced certification, drive automation, continuous delivery, and collaboration between development and operations teams, enhancing the efficiency of service delivery.

AWS Certified Database – Specialty:

Develeap’s specialists, certified in AWS databases, ensure optimal performance and reliability for database-driven applications, contributing to seamless data management on the AWS platform. 

AWS Certified Security – Specialty:

Security is paramount, and Develeap’s certified security specialists implement advanced measures to protect AWS environments, safeguarding client data and contributing to the overall security posture of service delivery.

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty:

Our experts, with advanced knowledge of SageMaker and Comprehend, design tailored solutions for your unique needs. From optimizing models to ensuring top-notch security and compliance, we’re committed to driving your success in the era of AWS-powered machine learning and unlocking the full potential of data-driven intelligence for your organization.

Develeap’s Competency

At Develeap, we understand that successful cloud deployment goes beyond individual certifications. That’s why we are proud to have achieved the DevOps Consulting Competency. This accolade is a testament to our ability to implement continuous integration, continuous delivery, and other DevOps practices on the AWS platform.

Develeap is proud to achieve AWS Competencies – taking our DevOps expertise forward:

DevOps Consulting Competency:

Develeap’s achievement of the DevOps Consulting Competency highlights the company’s capability to implement continuous integration and delivery practices, contributing to the agile and efficient deployment of services on the AWS platform.

Authorized Training Partner:

As an Authorized Training Partner, Develeap excels in implementing AWS solutions and plays a crucial role in empowering others through training and education, further contributing to the overall expertise within the AWS community.


In 2023, Develeap’s empowered team, backed by a multitude of AWS certifications, the prestigious DevOps Consulting Competency, and notable service delivery achievements, has reached new levels of excellence. With a focus on individual expertise and collaborative service delivery, Develeap continues to drive innovation and set new standards in the dynamic landscape of AWS technologies.

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