Top Five Tips to Maximize Your AWS Training

Top Five Tips to Maximize Your AWS Training

November 23, 2023
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Why take official courses anyway?

Enrolling in official AWS courses is your key to a thrilling journey into the cutting-edge realm of cloud computing. Expertly designed by AWS pros, these courses offer a dynamic understanding of AWS services. Hands-on labs turning theory into action and access to a wealth of learning resources. Official AWS courses are only delivered by highly skilled instructors (less than 1,000 worldwide in 2023) and provide excellent networking opportunities. Some courses even throw in certification exam vouchers and the all-new JAM days, a full day of gamified live-action scenarios with labs.  It’s not just education; it’s a high-octane adventure into the heart of AWS innovation and career opportunities that arise from having recognized certifications.

1. This is a marathon

Most official AWS courses last one to three full days. During this short time, we will cover a lot of material. Make sure you are ready for a full day, distraction-free and energetic. AWS Courses are interactive and require you to do more than just sit and listen. The material’s complexity and volume can make it seem overwhelming. Whether you take AWS courses in person or virtual, ensure your environment allows you to immerse yourself in the learning experience entirely, and you are ready for an intense day. If you take an official course through an Amazon training partner, you will have access to the course books, notes, and labs after the course ends. Use it to revisit some of what you learned after the course.

2: The more you know, the more you want to know.

Discover a World of possibilities with AWS Training. From “Cloud Essentials” to “Advanced Well-Architected Best Practices,” AWS offers 30+ courses across diverse fields like architecture, data, FinOPs, and more. Ensure you and your team chart the right path to achieve your learning goals. Reach out to an Amazon training partner to take a Learning needs analysis. This service will allow us to identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be and create yourtraining roadmap. Make sure to come ready, knowing your business vision and the technology you want to use to make it happen.

3: When you sing, you begin with Do-Re-Mi. When you AWS, you begin with A-O-A

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, the first course you should take is Architecting on AWS. This 3-day course provides the essential understanding needed for all other AWS courses. Take this course before any other course of any level to familiarize yourself with the structure, language, and rhythm of AWS training. Taking this course first will allow you to anticipate other, more advanced courses, help you align yourself with this structure, and make the most out of it.

4: Ask me anything, really anything

Questions are a natural part of the learning process, so don’t hold back. Our instructors are here to provide quick, on-the-spot answers or delve into more complex inquiries via email or the next session—the Instractor’s forums buzz with discussions sparked by students. Asking questions isn’t just about getting an answer; it’s tapping into the collective wisdom of AWS’s instructors and subject matter experts. You can ask to understand how to implement this service you learned about in your use case, find a new, unique way to use this feature for a solution, or just satisfy your curiosity. All your questions will be answered. 

5. It’s all about that JAM!

JAM Day – a 9-hour event of gamified, real-life-inspired troubleshooting labs. It’s your chance to implement newly learned tools, challenge yourself, and assess your course mastery in a lively, energetic environment. Make sure to take a course with an addition of an AWS JAM Day – What used to be exclusive to special community occasions is now an optional add-on to some AWS courses. Enter that. Learning has never been this dynamic and fun.

Bonus tip: Cert up!

Showcase Your AWS Potential with AWS Certification Exams. From fundamentals to specialty, earn your approval and stand out among your peers. While most exams align with specific courses, consider turbocharging your prep with targeted tutoring and exam-taking sessions. You know you are fantastic- make everyone else know it too!

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