SolidusLabs: Accelerating growth with Develeap’s AWS-based DevOps solutions
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SolidusLabs: Accelerating growth with Develeap’s AWS-based DevOps solutions

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SolidusLabs is the first crypto-native market surveillance and risk monitoring hub tailored for digital assets. SolidusLabs’ technology enables safer crypto trading throughout the investment journey across all centralized and DeFi markets. Based in Wall Street, NY, with offices in Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, and London, they actively safeguard millions of retail and institutional entities worldwide by monitoring more than a trillion daily events. 

SolidusLabs leverages cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of financial data. 

SolidusLabs uses Kubernetes as the foundation of its application infrastructure to support the rapid growth in the crypto markets and meet the ever-increasing demand from its clients. 

Develeap provides SolidusLabs with the full range of DevOps, networking, secure cloud services and operations, effectively functioning as the SolidusLabs DevOps department. 

The challenge

To accomplish its business goals, SolidusLabs needed a platform that allows rapid deployment to multiple environments while maintaining stability and continuously supporting fast-paced scale-up and cost-effective scale-down. 

The decision was to leverage AWS services as the base, including Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) as the central processing platform and many other related AWS services. 

The solution

Develeap helped the customer identify the technological requirements based on SolidusLabs’ business needs, define the requisite architecture for both build deployment and run-time and implement it using the AWS well-architected methodology. 

Develeap’s teams stabilized SolidusLabs DevOps workflow and methodologies, including:

  • Stabilizing CI/CD processes
  • Provisioning cloud infrastructure resources
  • Moving to cloud-native Kubernetes solutions
  • Offering proper support to the company’s development teams. 

Therefore, collaborating with Develeap was vital to create sustainable production environments that expand in scale to allow SolidusLabs to offer flawless integration.

To establish a secure and optimized network infrastructure for SolidusLabs, Develeap implemented a comprehensive solution involving network architecture, compute optimization, monitoring, logging, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis, and the implementation of security best practices. This solution leverages several AWS services to ensure a robust and efficient environment.

The network architecture was carefully designed and implemented to provide a secure and scalable foundation. Develeap utilized AWS services such as Amazon Route 53 for DNS management, AWS Secrets Manager for credential storage, and AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) for SSL/TLS certificate management to establish reliable and secure communication between clients and services.

Compute optimization was achieved by leveraging AWS services like multi-cluster Amazon EKS environments, Amazon EMR, and AWS Batch. These services enable efficient management and processing of containerized applications, large-scale data, and batch workloads, ensuring scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Develeap implemented comprehensive solutions to monitor and log the environments, utilizing AWS services such as Amazon GuardDuty, AWS WAF, AWS Security Hub, and AWS Trusted Advisor, which were employed to monitor for potential threats continuously, protect applications from web exploits, provide centralized security visibility, and offer recommendations to optimize the AWS infrastructure configuration.

A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis was conducted for SolidusLabs’ AWS infrastructure to ensure cost efficiency. This analysis evaluated resource utilization, identified areas for optimization, and resulted in significant cost savings while maintaining performance and scalability.

The solution also prioritized implementing security best practices to achieve SOC2 compliance and ensure systems and data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Strict access controls, regular security assessments, and compliance monitoring were implemented to mitigate risks and maintain a secure environment.

Overall, the solution implemented by Develeap encompassed network architecture, compute optimization, monitoring and logging, TCO analysis, and security best practices. By utilizing various AWS services, a secure, efficient, and cost-effective infrastructure was established for SolidusLabs.

Results and benefits

The collaboration between Develeap and SolidusLabs has played a strategic part in creating SolidusLabs’ stable and sustainable production environment, supporting their sales operations, managing multiple environments, and reducing cloud costs significantly. Furthermore, it allowed SolidusLabs to scale its environment to dozen multi-regional environments, spanning its services to clients across the globe.

The collaboration has yielded significant outcomes:

– To support SolidusLabs’ rapid growth, Develeap designed an automated process to launch new environments in a matter of hours, which improved SolidusLabs’ ability to serve clients globally. 

– Develeap added an automation process for SolidusLabs’ delivery lifecycle, enabling it to deliver the code quicker, saving developers’ work hours, and allowing SolidusLabs to automatically bring new features to customers.

– Develeap’s team integrated code quality checks and tools as a part of the code deployment workflow, which impacted SolidusLabs’ developers’ efficiency, cloud costs, product stability, and customer satisfaction. This improvement directly impacted the developers’ team by having fewer bugs in their code and more time to develop and release new features.

– Under Develeap’s professional guidance and support, the product stability reached 99.9% uptime, fulfilling Soliduslabs’ commitment to its customers.

– As a result of changes applied by Develeap’s solutions, SolidusLabs reduced cloud costs by 40% 

– Develeap supported SolidusLabs’ with the proper solution and security best practices to meet SolidusLabs clients’ mandatory security requirements. Our DevOps implemented security improvements, allowing SolidusLabs to expand its reach for various clients.

About Develeap

Develeap is an AWS Advanced Partner and an AWS-authorized training partner.

Develeap is Israel’s leading DevOps and professional services company. With more than 100 highly skilled DevOps engineers who are well-versed in the latest technologies, Develeap helps our customers to build, manage and support Kubernetes, Cloud & On-premises, CI/CD processes, Git and GitOps, Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring & Logging, Containers, and more.

Develeap has been working with SolidusLabs for more than two years. Our experts offer DevOps support service around the clock and effectively design and implement the product’s workloads and infrastructure. 

By closely collaborating with SolidusLabs and leveraging our expertise in AWS cloud computing and DevOps practices, our team ensures that the infrastructure supporting SolidusLabs’ solutions meets the highest security, performance, and availability standards. 

As part of Develeap’s exceptional customer service, we strive to maintain a high-quality standard in all our services and work closely to deliver tailored solutions that meet our customers’ requirements while following AWS best practices. 

Working with SolidusLabs, we constantly review our work and the customer’s AWS architecture, search for the best solutions and tools to support their continuous growth, and ensure they benefit from AWS’ best practices.

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