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Empower your team with Docker expertise!

Develeap Education’s Containerization Using Docker course empowers your team to become containerization champions.
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Course level:
Course level:
3 days
Virtual Classroom
English / עברית

Fast-track your team’s Docker expertise

In this course, your team will:
Learn Docker fundamentals and workflows
Gain a solid foundation in Docker’s architecture, images, and containers to build, manage, and deploy containers efficiently.
Implement effective networking and storage solutions

Configure Docker networks and implement persistent data solutions with Docker volumes for robust and scalable applications.

Utilize Docker Compose for streamlined orchestration

Explore Docker Compose to manage multi-container applications, scale effectively, and employ Nginx as a reverse proxy for optimized web traffic management.

Learn What Every Developer Needs to Know About Docker:

  • Understand Docker's role and the principles of containerization.
  • Learn the advantages Docker offers in the modern development ecosystem.
  • Install Docker on various platforms and perform initial configurations.
  • Explore Docker's architecture and core components.
  • Create, manage, and deploy containers using Docker's CLI.
  • Build custom images with Dockerfiles and debug containers using exec commands.
  • Configure Docker networks and implement persistent data solutions with Docker volumes.
  • Enforce security measures, best practices, and effective troubleshooting techniques.
  • Understand Docker Compose fundamentals and manage multi-container applications.
  • Learn how to compose YAML files, the docker-compose CLI, and techniques for scaling applications with Docker Compose.
  • Utilize Nginx as a reverse proxy within Docker Compose setups.
This course includes:
Step-by-step guides
Step-by-step guides
Certification of completion
Certification of completion

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