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Develeap Education's Kubernetes for Developers course
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Course Details
Course level:
Course level:
3 days
Virtual Classroom
English / עברית

Fast-track your team’s K8s expertise

In this course, your team will:
Gain a deep understanding of core Kubernetes concepts

deployments, services, and configuration management through hands-on labs and exercises.

Learn to Optimize

Learn strategies for efficient resource allocation and cost control within Kubernetes.

Study Advanced Kubernetes concepts for developers

Excel deployment strategies, deploy stateful applications, and understand essential application design.

Automate infrastructure management

Gain expertise in automating deployments and scaling with K8s, minimizing manual intervention.

Learn What Every Developer Needs to Know About K8s:

  • An overview of Kubernetes and its use cases.
  • YAML syntax and features.
  • Nodes, their different types, and purposes.
  • Control plane role and structure.
  • Installing and using the Kubernetes CLI
  • An explanation of basic Kubernetes resources: pods, replicaSets, Deployments, and statefulSets
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets - purposes, advantages, and use cases
  • Understanding services and how they simplify distributed system communication.
  • ClusterIp, nodePort, loadBalancer and externalName.
  • Dive into complex pod configurations including init, sidecar, ephemeral, and static pods.
  • Master the art of resource allocation and management within a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Understand the intricacies of Kubernetes scheduling, utilizing tools like priority settings, affinity/anti-affinity, taints, and tolerations to optimize your deployments.
  • Learn to use DaemonSets for consistent application deployment across nodes, and automate tasks with Jobs and CronJobs.
  • Explore various volume types and implement statefulSets for managing stateful applications.
  • Enhance the security of your cluster with network policies, and manage access with service accounts and roles.
  • Gain proficiency in using Kubernetes monitoring tools to track the health and performance of your applications and infrastructure. Learn effective strategies and tools for debugging issues within the cluster.
  • Explore sophisticated deployment strategies such as A/B Testing, Canary Deployments, and Blue/Green Deployments.
  • Understand the essentials of application design in Kubernetes, including logging principles, error handling, and the introduction to application design.
This course includes:
Step-by-step guides
Step-by-step guides
Certification of completion
Certification of completion
Day 1


  • Nodes, their different types, and purposes.
  • Control plane role and structure.

Develeap Education goes beyond just teaching you Kubernetes

Gain real-world insights directly from DevOps experts who actively work in leading companies, from startups to large enterprises.
Expert Mentorship

Learn from instructors who are actively using Kubernetes in real-world projects.

Dedicated Support

Get your questions answered and challenges addressed by experienced professionals.

Interactive Learning

Gain practical insights and troubleshoot issues in a collaborative environment.

Develeap Education empowers you to become a Kubernetes pro.

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