SecuringSam : Accelerating growth with Develeap’s AWS-based DevOps solutions‏
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SecuringSam : Accelerating growth with Develeap’s AWS-based DevOps solutions‏

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SecuringSam (SAM) is the leading provider of cloud-native security and intelligence services for unmanaged networks and connected devices, covering upwards of 460 million connected devices globally. With its powerful and intuitive AI technology, SAM addresses the unique challenges of our hyperconnected world, in which an explosion of IoT devices exposes potential attack surfaces for companies and consumers alike.

SecuringSam’s mission is to deliver a seamless, cloud-native network security solution that provides deep visibility and a great level of defense for all unmanaged – networks and IoTs, from sophisticated cyber-attacks, preventing the spread of zero-day attacks.

SAM’s device-agnostic software provides deep ​network visibility to protect against sophisticated cyber-attacks in real-time and prevent the spread of zero-day attacks. SAM’s solutions have been designed to study the behavior of a single network of fragmented devices. Using its unique cloud-based device and threat intelligence, SAM identifies every connected device and creates customized protection for all home and SMB users, forming a bulletproof network. 

Develeap’s first connection with SAM was via its Head of DevOps, who was familiar with Develeap’s work from their previous position with another Develeap client. Considering previous successful collaborations with Develeap, SAM’s Head of DevOps sought Develeap to help strengthen SAM’s DevOps team. Since then, and for the past two years, Develeap has played a central role in SAM’s DevOps team.

As part of the company’s natural growth, SAM sought to improve its DevOps workflow and methodologies, including CI/CD improvements, while building a new DevOps team: Improving their IaC and its maintenance, remodeling the environment to streamline provisioning and deployment processes, and improving the documentation. Along with provisioning cloud infrastructure resources using IaC, implementing Kubernetes-native solutions, and providing proper support for the company’s development teams, Develeap also supported SAM’s strategic move to cloud-native Kubernetes solutions.

As part of the solution, we utilize ArgoCD and the GitOps repository to push changes seamlessly and improve upon our CD in each environment. This enables the customer to monitor multiple environments effectively.

Develeap’s experts collaborated with SAM’s team to improve the current architecture, including ongoing migration to Kubernetes EKS clusters coupled with a redesign to its IaC improving both the efficiency and the stability of infrastructure upgrades. 

As part of SAM’s need to better secure their flows, Develeap’s experts took part in multiple processes, including:

  • Review and improvement of fitting roles for services in the environment, 
  • Establishing scanning for both client code & IaC, 

and more

The end result allows the system to notify multiple issues that need to be addressed as they uncover.

The collaboration between Develeap and SAM continuously affected SAM’s ability to meet increasing demands through better and faster scaling while maintaining and improving security practices.

  • As part of the collaboration, Develeap provided onboard workshop for SAM’s development and DevOps teams on working with Kubernetes EKS, including best practices. This allowed the launching of the migration process by the teams.
  • With Develeap’s help, SAM improved its cloud infrastructure, resulting in better product stability and improved security over its cloud. 

Develeap is an AWS Advanced Partner and an AWS-authorized training partner.

Develeap is Israel’s leading technology company that provides expert DevOps consulting services. With highly skilled DevOps engineers who are well-versed in the latest technology stack, develeap helps our customers to build, manage and support Kubernetes, Cloud & On-premises, CI/CD processes, Git and GitOps, Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring & Logging, Containers, and more.

Develeap has been working with SAM since 2021. Our experts offer DevOps support service around the clock and effectively design and implement the product’s workloads and infrastructure. 

By closely collaborating with SAM and leveraging our expertise in AWS cloud computing and DevOps practices, our team can ensure that the infrastructure supporting SAM’s solutions meets the highest security, performance, and availability standards. 

As part of Develeap’s customer service, we strive to maintain a high-quality standard in all our services and work closely to deliver tailored solutions that meet our customers’ requirements while following AWS best practices. 

Working with SAM, we constantly review our work and the customer’s AWS architecture, search for the best solutions and tools to support their continuous growth, and ensure they benefit from AWS best practices. 

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